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Vector Files, PMS Colors, and ‘Allow for Bleed’ : Help Me?

Sam January 28 2018 (0) Comment

These three terms; Vector files, PMS color and ‘’Allow for Bleed’’ might be hard to explain to a client as a result of their technicalities, they frequently cause more confusion than any other. When any of these phrases come up it is just like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Honestly, these three terms have the possibility of striking fear in the heart of people when mentioned in a meeting.

Although this terminology may seem inconsequential, it is important that the meaning of these phrases be well understood by all parties. This is because when not fully understood, the end product will come out short of what is expected.

However, when these terms are explained and broken down, they lose their intimidation factor, hence; improve the quality of your work.

Technological advancement and new trends will never cease, so being familiar with these terms will be an asset. This article painstakingly explains the meaning of vector files and PMS, likewise, what it means to ‘allow for bleed.’

Vector Files

To have a full understanding of What Vector files entails, it is pertinent to also have an idea of the anti-vector file, i.e. Raster File. Now, raster file may ring a bell, it is a most popular term frequently associated with images online. Raster files adopt individual building blocks or several colored pixels to form a complete image. Raster files include JPEGs, PNGs, and GIFs.

Raster files are limited in terms of flexibility, it is impossible to resize these files as a result of their fixed number of pixels, an attempt to do this will have an adverse effect on the overall quality of the file. Probably, you have noticed this issue in your attempt to enlarge a raster picture.  The image becomes different from its original state, grainy with an overall lack of quality. While this has been the norm for some time, the vector file is another good alternative. In essence, Raster images limit any creative idea you might later have for the image/file.

The Vector File is great because, in comparison to raster file, it allows for more pliability. The vector file is an innovative design, developed by adopting mathematical formulas instead of individual colored blocks. Vector file types such as PDF (all PDF are not vector files), EPS, And Alare ideal for creating graphics that frequently require resizing and editing.

The vector file allows you to stretch the limit of your creativity.  It is possible to use the same logo on your shirt for your business card and still retain its quality. The point of all this is to enable you to have a better perspective of raster files and its capability. Eventually, you will be pleased with the final product.

PMS Colours

PMS means Pantone Matching System, it is a proprietary color space and it plays an essential role in selecting the right colors for any image, product or design. PMS colors system has become a well-standardized color reproduction system that is of great value everyone. It allows manufacturers from anywhere to look at the Pantone system and see that the color is an exact match.

­­­­­­There is no guessing involved because it is numbers, not words communicating what you want.  By submitting the right PMS Colour you are representing an exact diagram of what you want.

 Allow For Bleed

‘Allow for Bleed’ is one method of printing adopted to ensure that the artwork covers the entire page. Basically, you print your logo at least 1/8 of an inch beyond the edge of the page.  By doing so this accounts for any misalignment of the printer or any other small mechanical variations.  As a result, there is no chance for there to be that thin white border to show up around the outside when it is finished.

When it has been allowed to bleed cutting the artwork can be done with greater precision because it is at every corner of the page.  There is no border in any area of the artwork you did not want.  Allow for bleed means your artwork is completed aligned at the edges.  It allows for a smooth cutting process.

Overall, these terms are not difficult to comprehend and digest when you know what they mean. Following this article Vector Files, PMS Colours, and what it means to ‘Allow for Bleed’ should be clear. Using the correct terms and files will insure a final product you predicted.

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