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Old vs. New Marketing Techniques and Promotional Product Balance

Sam June 10 2018 (0) Comment

Just as you wouldn’t engage your grandma to educate you on the workings of the Newest Virtual Reality equipment; you wouldn’t rely on archaic strategies to launch your company’s next campaign. We presently live in the age of information, where technological advancement is on the rise and business practices evolve faster than the blink of an eye. Common household items like physical newspapers and Landlines are becoming a thing of the past as robots and androids tend to exquisite hotels and hold the complex conversation. A quote by Andy Warholsays “They always say time changes things, but you have to actually change them yourself.” As such, it is very important to discuss old vs. new marketing strategies. Whether you are a Marketing Manager or a Business owner of a previous generation, it is in your best interest you reconcile your past methods with the latest cutting-edge practices.

Old Marketing Strategies

In the past, the traveling salesman was a respected profession. He would load up several items such as books, cutleries, or vacuums into his vehicle. He spends all day knocking on strangers’ doors, hoping to pitch his product to customers. Then companies primarily based marketing on pushing products onto anybody they could reach via methods like television commercials, billboards, newspaper ads or sales executives. These companies never took client demographics as a necessity as everyone was a potential customer. They, therefore, sent out the message as loud and wide as possible.

Churning out products to the public or outbound marketing had its pitfalls. Aside from the pressure people got to buy an unnecessary product, businesses wasted time, efforts and money selling unwanted products. Conversion rates for these sales were very low as well as the cost incurred in selling the items.


New Marketing Techniques

The emergence of the internet has tremendously changed marketing. Companies figured they had to change the way they market their product in order to take advantage of this latest trend. Therefore, the creation of inbound marketing was designed to attract clients to companies. The help of Websites, Impartial sites, Social media, and Blogs marketing has modernized the way companies markets their product. Inbound marketing makes the clients more relaxed as it’s more much more effective and efficient. With the aid of Google Analytics and other forms of data analysis, companies can find with ease their best clients. By targeting their demographic and developing buyer personas, they ensure they are not advertising to the wrong audience.

The Emergence of Integrated Approach through Promotional Products

Some still have reservations about the new marketing strategies even though they are ready to embrace its use. And although the email was around long before the arrival of the internet, email marketing today would not exist without the internet. This shows that there is a way to reconcile the past with the present. Promotional merchandise is one way to use inbound and outbound marketing tactics together. Since almost everyone loves freebies, why not use promotional products to entice potential customers? For example, giving a potential client a stylish diary for the new the year. Every time they intend to write something down, the logo reminds them of how cool your company is. With your web address imprinted on that diary, you have successfully combined old vs. new marketing strategies. This is a very much effective way marketing your products from the comfort of your couch without leaving the house.