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Brand Loyalty and the impacts of Timed Marketing Plan

Sam October 01 2018 (0) Comment

Looking at the example of promoting brand loyalty using an absolute timed marketing plan, just imagine yourself in an open market under the rain, with no raincoat or umbrella. Then, someone from nowhere brings you an umbrella, saving you from getting more drenched than you already are.

Anybody that hears of this will be amazed by such kindness and will certainly declare that it was a perfect opportunity at the right time. That product, which is the umbrella, has a company’s logo, of which your gratefulness is now redirected to no other than that brand. Why is this so? This is because you will forget the face of the individual that offers the hand of help and probably the things you bought at the market that very day. And every time you use the umbrella, the logo is there to see and you will keep remembering the time they were there for you with the product at the right time you were in dare need of it.

One reason people keep promotional product is because of their usefulness. But any product can lose their usefulness if it’s not in the possession of the right consumer. While on the other hand, if a right product is in the hand of the right consumer at the appropriate time will bring about a very rare brand loyalty.

For the winter marketing campaigns, this connection should be used between creativity and timeliness. Since lanyards and key chains are good promotional products, but a good marketer must be creative when it comes to branded product. Image the way your customers will use products and how to give them the most efficient products that will make them honor you as an intelligent brand. Hot chocolate packs, coffee mugs, knitted soaks, umbrellas, just to name a few are the most perfect branded products in winter and are appropriate for the temperature.

At Bani, we know how efficient timeliness is. Just of recent, our team just carried out a seasonal campaign for Star Casino. Star Casino saw a good opportunity to utilize the upcoming Chinese New Year as a perfect timing to present a branded gift to their customers.

The promotional campaign executed by the Casino was a combination of both creativity and a perfect time for the branded gift to be given to the customers. This brought about brand loyalty and built a strong image of the Casino in the minds of the customers.

The intersection between creativity, timing, and utility should be in the heart of any promotional marketing campaigns. Acquiring a brand loyalty has to do with placing the right product in the hand of the right customer at the perfect time.